Mixed Appetizers
Mixed Appetizers Tabbaouleh, Hummus, Muttabal, Arabic salad, Baba Ghonouj and Fattaoush
Large : RM40
Small : RM29
Turkish Pottery
Turkish Pottery Slow Cooked Meat Or Chicken In A Sealed Pol
Chicken : RM49
Lamb : RM69
Mixed : RM59
Premium Mixed Family Set
Premium Mixed Family Set Smell The fantastic Aroma That Came From The Most Unique Dish We Have. Special Only For You !!
Small : RM150
Large : RM200
Maqlobah Special
Maqlobah Special Rice Dish Served With Layers Of Roasted Vegetables Such As Eggplants, Potatoes, Nuts And Lamb Shank!
Mixed Grilled
Mixed Grilled Mixed Of lamb kebab, Lamb Tika, Chicken Kebab, Chicken shih taouk and half grill Chicken. Served With Lubnani Bread.
Special : RM150
Large : RM100
Mixed Family Set Perfect
Mixed Family Set Perfect Combination Of Arabic Rice And Soft Lamb Meat With Tender Chicken
Mixed : Rm80
Lamb : RM120
Chicken: RM59